Holy Fire! Essential Oil Blend - Anointing Oil


ADONAI [God] said to Moshe [Moses], "Take the best spices - 500 shekels of myrrh [12 1/2 pounds], half this amount (250 shekels) of aromatic cinnamon [6 1/4 pounds], 250 shekels of aromatic cane [Calamus], 500 shekels of cassia (use the sanctuary standard), and one gallon of olive oil - and make them into a holy anointing oil; blend it and perfume it as would an expert perfume-maker; it will be a holy anointing oil." Exodus 30:22-25 --CJB

The Holy Fire! blend of pure essential oils is for consecration and anointing. This oil is prepared with the same fragrant essential oils as ADONAI [God] specified in the Bible. Different proportions were used in making the Holy Fire! Oil Blend, to be compliant with Exodus 30:32.

Use: this oil blend is perfect in anointing all worship tools: flags, tabrets, streamers, tassels etc., setting them apart in consecration unto the LORD.
  • Ingredients: Myrrh, Calamus, Cassia/Cinnamon, Hyssop and pure Olive Oil
  • 10ml, Amber Glass Bottle [.35fl oz] with drop portion insert

Spiritual Significance:
MYRRH: purification, dying to self, preparation for the king (Esther 2:12)
CASSIA: kingly humility, a servant's heart (Psalm 45:8)
CALAMUS: moral uprightness (Exodus 15:26)
HYSSOP: cleansing, purification (Psalm 51:7)

[Essential oils are very potent and only a few drops is required for maximum benefit of these botanical oils.]

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